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About Recluse Industries: 

I began making games as a schoolboy in the 1980s, joining the Virgin Games 'Gang of Five' on leaving school at sixteen. At their London office, I designed the graphics and levels for the ZX Spectrum chart-topper Dan Dare - Pilot Of The Future, as well as several other 8-bit classics.  
I have since developed numerous games for a wide variety of platforms, from handheld (GameBoy), to PC, console and mobile. 

As an indie developer my goal is to create original games with a minimal and atmospheric aesthetic, exploring themes that I hope will resonate with the player on a spiritual level.

- Martin Wheeler

Selected Works


Sorcery+  (Amstrad, 1985)

The Amstrad CPC classic was developed by Virgin Games' Gang Of Five, based on a prototype made as a schoolboy bedroom coder.

Sorcery+ became one of the all time best-selling games for the Amstrad. 


Dan Dare - Pilot Of The Future (ZX Spectrum, 1986).

Developed with coder Dave Chapman for Virgin Games.

"One of the best games on the Spectrum. The graphics are amazing: I wondered if it was really a Spectrum that was producing these amazingly colourful graphics." - Crash


Warlocked (GameBoy Color, 2000)

Developed with coder Steve Clark and composer Jeroen Tel for Bits Studios, published by Nintendo.

9/10 -

"Warlocked is the premier strategy game on the Game Boy Color - inspired by Warcraft and Civilization, with a tremendous dose of originality and character." -


Surveillant (iOS, 2011)

Solo developed, self published.

9/10 -

"The enemy is a homicidal CCTV camera, stalking you with a deadly laser beam. The only way to defeat it is to get up close and personal. It's like playing hide-n-seek with HAL from 2001" -


Separation (PlayStation®VR, 2019)

Solo developed, published by Recluse Industries.

Coming to PlayStation®4 computer entertainment system. Please subscribe via contact form for release details.

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